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Here you will find sites for writers to network at, get info from, and publish to. Click the pic to check it out. Link will open in new window.
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Book In A Week (BIW). This site has to be my favorite. The full name is Butt In Chair, Hands On Keyboard, Typing Away Madly! Or BIC HOK TAM. This takes place usually the first full week of the month. It urges writers to, once a month, pledge to write a certain amount of pages within that week. Maureen Wood offers so much more then a place to make you write. She offers advise, help and a (LoL) Friendly virtual pat on the head as needed. The main website offers advice, prompts, contests, more links for writers and even a time zone clock. It's a great site and she's a great person.

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National Novel Writing Month.
All of November.
50,000 words.

Spacejock Software: yWriter.

 Simon Haynes primarily offers software for writers. I have investigated and used a lot of software for writers and I always come back to yWriter. I have been using this since he first developed it. It has chapters and scenes, plots and plot locations, characters - major and minor. Word counts, word usage, and time deadlines. Plus so much more. The program is very user friendly. I use it for novels - chapters and scenes. For short stories - Each chapter named for the genre and each scene is a short story in that genre. I've used it for writing articles. Each chapter is what the article is and the scenes are the articles. (i.e. Chapter title: Ashtabula, Ohio. Scene 1: covered bridges. Scene 2: festivals)   yWriter is a great program.


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Writer's Procrastination...


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Check out Suzannah's website: "Write It Sideways". She offers author's interviews and great articles on the ins and outs of writing.
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The World is a Blank Page, just waiting for the next exciting word to be written. So, another day...a few words, then there I go; tripping into yet, another story!


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