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These are stories that I am thinking about writing, in the process of writing or may write.

Dead By Friday
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The Guardian
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Baxter's Bay
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The Magic Within
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Alex Ball had a chip on his shoulder. It was called female partners. His last one almost got him killed. Could he trust Ro?

Roberta (Ro) Easton transfered to Key West to get away from demons of her own.  But is the saying: "You can't run from your troubles cause they come with you," true?

Drugs and money are a nasty combination, and Alex and Ro walk right back into the very trouble they both thought they left behind.

We cannot be so selfish as to think we are alone on this planet, in this galaxy or even on this plane of existence. We are not. And someone has to look out for the human race. That is where we come in. We are the Guardians.





Everyone knew the Baxter’s made their fortune through smuggling and now Rodney wanted out, but no one quit on Lafatte, the current head of the smuggler’s ring.  Rodney had become a liability that he didn’t need therefore he was eliminated.  What the group of smuggler’s didn’t count on was that the property became under sole ownership of Rodney’s long, lost, half sister.


Jennette had enough of the city and her high and mighty boss! So getting the news that she was now the proud owner of an estate on an island off of Florida could not have come at a better time, except for a group of smuggler’s that were out to kill her. Or the fact that she was under suspicion of being one of the smugglers herself!


Detective Brent Storm had enough problems trying to help his parents with his unruly, teenage sister, without the added stress of a beautiful suspect; a suspect that he was falling in love with. Things got complicated went he took custody of his sister, especially when the suspect and his sister became close friends.


Brent’s partner, Adrian Marschall had no problem keeping his distance from the suspect or with the fact that they had to set her up. Brent’s little sister? Now that was a different story.  Adrian couldn’t figure out why his feelings ran so deep for the teenage girl, but he knew he had to back away fast. Could he wait until she was no longer jailbait? Could he hide his feelings from his partner?





The former race on an entire planet rests on one man's shoulders.

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The World is a Blank Page, just waiting for the next exciting word to be written. So, another day...a few words, then there I go; tripping into yet, another story!


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