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Second Chance
I am a baby-boomer. There was a time when I liked reading endless books of fictional romance, but I got older and the hero and heroine didn't. I looked for romance stories for older individuals, they are few and far between.

People in their forties and fifties do have life changing circumstances, and they do have...second chances.
This flash fiction was first published by ALongStoryShort in 2009, and now running a second publish by me and Writer's Network.
It can be found at http://bit.ly/yfu5pu

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Under the Willow Tree
Another flash fiction. This one is a paranormal story about a man who has an unexpected visitor for an all too brief moment in time.
It was first published in 2009 in ALongStoryShort and now republished by me and Writer's Network.
It can be found at http://bit.ly/xPh3S4

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The Eyes Of The Beast
   First published in AlongStoryShort and Writer's   Network. A  little piece with an interesting ending.
It can be found here...Writer's Network. Click on The Eyes of the Beast.

Mr. HamAndCheeseOnRye
50 something and starting over really sucks, but sometimes lady luck smiles.
Click here.

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