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Short Stories

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A New Life


Amy Tassin won the vacation of a lifetime, all expenses paid! 

No time-clocks, demanding customers and aching feet. Just her and the sun and the surf.

Throw in the awesome business exec standing across the deck from her and she’s got herself a dream come true.


Assassin Jordan Grayson needed an alibi.

He spotted exactly what he needed the moment he saw her. Beautiful but unsophisticated, innocent and gullible. She made the perfect mark for him to poise as a vacationer, maybe too perfect.


And when Jordan disappears after a foreign diplomat is killed on U.S. soil , the F.B.I. has only one choice left, Amy.

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 The Littlest Mermaid


Short Story

16 pages.



Nominated for The Preditors & Editors TM Readers' Poll.

   Jeff Ramen’s life changed when his wife died in a boating accident leaving him with a child to care for.


   Child psychologist Margie Taylor knew Jeff’s daughter was in trouble when she heard a mermaid showed up on Jeff’s beach claiming to be his dead wife and giving the girl presents.


   Together they reconcile the past and come together to save the future of a little girl.

The print edition is available at LuLu.com here: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/katpriebe (will open in another window)

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