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The Guardian

Most people lived their lives going from day to day in a busy rush, agitated by small things that get in their way. They never really see what is around them. They live in ignorant bliss. I should know, I make sure they stay that way. Safe in their tiny little selfish worlds. I am the guardian.
Well actually, one of many. You might say it runs in the family, when something doesn't kill us in our crib. We guard the portals between this realm and others. We guard this world from others. And we guard this time from others.
There are many things out there that the normal person does not know about, or can not see. Just because we are here, doesn't mean that others don't exist. And all things being equal, the Almighty or whoever, created someone who can live in all realms to act as watchers to make sure everyone, or thing, plays nicely together.
So, while we're out making sure everything is okay, there is always someone, or thing, trying to kill us, and quite frankly, some days it just doesn't pay to climb out of bed in the morning. This morning is one of those mornings.
Jerry Ketchmen dove behind a boulder just as the spot where he was standing went up in a ball of flames. "Damn Flameriders." He frantically beat  his pant leg to put out the flames.
"Hello?" A female voice called out from the back of a house. "Oh hell. Another fire. I swear these kids are trying to burn down these woods."
"Crap!" Jerry knew it was a matter of seconds before the woman came within sight of the Flamerider and himself. Too late, the Rider turned towards the woman.
"Oh by the Lady above, another one?"
Jerry almost gave up his hiding place. She knew what it was! He watched as she picked up a handful of dirt.
"From the North, to the East, from the South, to the West: You will not harm a one. So mote it be!"
He watched as she threw the dirt at the Flamerider. It screeched, extinguished, and was gone. "Holy crap."
"Who's there? Show yourself."
Well he did not want to go where ever she sent the Rider, but he wasn't ready to explain himself either. He stepped out from behind the boulder. "Ah, hi?"

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