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Dead By Friday

The walk down the alley was the longest walk I ever had to take. Was it him lying in the puddle of blood? The copper-like smell filled the small space between the buildings. My fingers icy, my pulse beating against my chest, I wanted it to be someone else, anyone else, I didn't care. Just not him.
I got to the body and Rudy turned him over. All that pent up breath that I was holding, came out in a hiss.
"You thought it was him, didn't you?"
"You know as well as I do, one day it will be."
"White male in his early to mid thirties Doc." The coroner came up to us.
He stooped down and stuck a thermometer in his side. "Ninety-six degrees and accounting for the outside temps, I'd say he died about two hours ago. Hmm," He took a gloved finger and turned the head to the side. "Someone coppered him a good one."
"Is that your professional opinion Doc?"
Their voices faded as scenes started to flash through my head as I walked back down the alley. Me laughing as Jason spun me around. The night on the beach he asked me to marry him. The time in the park when he was chased by the geese, I couldn't stop laughing, even as we laid in bed later that night after we made love. My big protector from mean and wicked geese. The first time he got strung out on meth. The time between his visits becoming more and more longer. His empty promises of getting into a program. The fighting, and the last time I saw him as I kicked him out. He stole all the money I had in my purse and my emergency jar. My pay. I was glad I never put him on the bank account. He even took the ring he gave me and pawned it. I moved. Away from the memories and away from him. Now every DB on the west side we get called out on, I wonder if it's going to be him.
I leaned up against the brick wall by the street to wait for my partner.
"You should put a transfer in Ro." Rudy tapped out a cigarette out of his pack. "Get the hell away from here. Ask for someplace sunny, the change would do you some good."

... "Wonderful." Alex spun on his heals and walked out the door. He didn't wait to see if she was following. He didn't need or want to be dragged down by a partner, and a woman at that. The Chief better have a good reason. He knew what happened with Alex's last partner. The detective was a dirty cop. A woman and a dirty cop. One that he fell in love with. One that put a bullet in him and left him for dead. What a cliche it all was. Cop falls for partner whose bad and tries to kill him. He would of never believed it would happen outside of a theater.
He caught sight of their reflection in the glass surrounding the various labs. She was a looker. Which only made him more angry. She brought up a memory of tenderness he thought was buried. He risked another glance in the windows. Her face was set in the same stonic stare that his was. He knew why he was like he was, but what were her demons? And it pissed him off that he really wanted to know.
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